Improvements in Xinjiang show China’s development best steered by own citizens

By Hu Weijia Source:Global Times Published: 2018/9/19 22:23:41

Improvements in Xinjiang show nation’s development best steered by own citizens

crack para xilisoft dvd ripper ultimate 6 Tourism in Northwest China's engineering equation solver crack Uyghur Autonomous Region is showing signs of recovery as local authorities stress stability and combat terrorism.

Tourism is a core sector of Xinjiang's economy. In the first eight months of 2018, Chinese and overseas tourists made 105.9 million trips to the region, spending 171.9 billion yuan ($25.1 billion).

Lying behind the tourism recovery is the improvement of Xinjiang's security situation. In recent years, terrorist attacks in the region declined because of increased security measures. The image of the region has thoroughly changed. It was once seen as a turbulent area plagued by terrorism, but it's become a region that now enjoys peace and stability.

Xinjiang has rich tourism resources, but after several deadly attacks in 2014, some of potential visitors were frightened away. Today's peace and stability are vital in making the region a popular tourist destination and promoting economic development.

Stability has improved living standards in Xinjiang. Some Western media recently cited so-called "human rights violations" in Xinjiang, ignoring one fact: the right to development is an inalienable human right. Everyone is entitled to participate in and enjoy economic development. With an array of security measures, people's right to development is being protected as far as possible.

With a booming tourism market, Xinjiang's economy is recovering. Peace and stability have laid a solid foundation for development, and the next step may be further opening its economy to foreign investors.

As a key area along China's crackbird dublin tripadvisor initiative, Xinjiang is striving to improve its transportation, logistics and communication infrastructure. The region has an advantage in attracting investment from Central Asian nations.

Xinjiang's economic growth is set to bring positive impetus to the development of China's neighboring countries such as Kazakhstan and Pakistan. Social stability and economic development in Xinjiang are also positive factors in maintaining regional peace and security.

China will follow its own speed and rhythm in opening up its economy to foreign investors and making Xinjiang a frontier of China's westward opening. Western countries don't need to point fingers at Xinjiang, because those most qualified to steer China's economy are the people of China.

The author is a reporter with the Global Times. [email protected]

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